A success story from SWMAS

A success story from SWMAS

"The support we received from SWMAS has been invaluable. Their expertise was instrumental, and well-timed, in helping us move forward on the purchase of a 3D scanner and printer. In addition to this, the funding they were also able to provide towards the cost has made a real difference. As well as improving our operations, this investment has also led to new capabilities within the business, including a new member of staff who is highly skilled in CAD, as well as 3D scanning and printing" - Peter Miles, Managing Director, Forge Motorsport

The Challenge:
Forge Motorsport relied heavily on handcrafting for prototyping of both new and replica products. These processes were dependent upon a small number of highly skilled employees, resulting in high costs and lengthy turnaround times.

How SWMAS Helped:
SWMAS assessed the business needs and confirmed that a 3D Scanner and Printer would be a viable solution to provide a faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective means of prototyping. This expert advice gave Forge Motorsport the confidence and motivation to take the next step and adapt to this new technology. As well as offering specialist help and support in respect to this investment, SWMAS provided a grant towards the cost of this new digital equipment. 

Forge Motorsport also benefited from attending regular ‘Manufacturing Resilience’ webinars. These weekly sessions were hosted by SWMAS to help SMEs address issues in key areas such as customer and employee engagement, clean growth, and design best practice. 

"Forge Motorsport always seeks to identify and implement new technology when appropriate, so I was very pleased to be able to provide support towards their procurement of 3D scanning and printing equipment. Investment in this type of technology can be transformational for businesses like Forge, who have already begun to derive significant benefits from its application. I look forward to working with them as they continue to grow and adopt new digital technologies" - Alun James, Manufacturing Specialist

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